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sorry I havn't written in me pwecious journal for quite a ling time, but other stuffff waz goin on...
I don't really know what to write now, but I am certainly in the mood to write SOMETHING, and so i shall. Here are a few comments to yoousies, from meself. WARNING. Please do not take these as an insult! It is not fairies if you do. Just read them... if you must...

Ariel: ( guitaryst) you are great the way you are, and you are fun and all, but CHANGE YOUR COLORS!!! We all hate them, as much as we love you.

The infamous Ratchet: I think the reason you dont get so many people to comment to you is because (and don't hear me wrong... this is just what I think and it is advice from me) you write really long entries, and people don't really like to read that long of an entry... THAT IS NOT AN INSULT!!! (look at me! I am writing a long entry my self! Talk about hypocritical!)

Juliejules: I love how you love keef moon. I love who you love. I ove your format on your journal. You are cool.

Reznor is my god: I know people get angry sometimes, and i certainly know that people think that jimmy page is some god or something. But i DEFENATELY know that Jimmy is any thing BUT cheery! Where do you get that???
Sorry for me not liking jimmy page. it's just my thing. But hey, we're not all perfect!

Melanie: (rockindrag) you seem REAL fun. I like you. You are also cool.

Nicolle: (sheersupernova) happie halloween! From, ME!

Somethin' lse: (gonna_groove) i changed my name from "diva_____" to "le_pornostarr," so can you PLEEZ add me again? *pouts*
i still wuv you... What ever. I will try again.

Bye every ones!
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